Going Away for Spring Break? Here’s How to Prepare Your Home

Most people look forward to a vacation but failing to plan ahead can lead to unexpected finds when you return home. By taking the time to prepare your house for your extended absence, you can ensure peace of mind as you relax in the sun.

Depending on the Weather

Ensure a trusted friend or neighbor is available if snow or freezing temperatures are expected. They can dig out your mailbox, if necessary, and inspect for any leaks or frozen pipes. You can safely set the thermostat to 55 degrees to avoid this. However, if you have a pet staying at home while you’re away, you only want to adjust the temp by four degrees, so they remain comfortable, but you can still save on the energy bill.

You can adjust indoor humidity levels according to the outside temperatures listed in the guide below.

  • Outside temp of 20 to 40 degrees = indoor humidity of less than 40%
  • Outside temp of 10 to 20 degrees = indoor humidity of less than 35%
  • Outside temp of 0 to 10 degrees = indoor humidity of less than 30%
  • Outside temp of -10 to 0 degrees = indoor humidity of less than 25%
  • Outside temp of -20 to -10 degrees = indoor humidity of less than 20%

Mail and Packages

If you don’t have someone nearby to take your mail in each day, you can have your mail delivery stopped by the post office. You can schedule it to start on the day you return home, or you can call when you get back. They will hold your mail at the local post office so you can pick it up.

Although your mail service can be postponed, package delivery cannot. You don’t want packages sitting at your door very long as they can be taken and are also a sign that no one is home. If you have alerts when a package is delivered, let someone know so they can bring it inside.

Prevent Stagnant Water Smells

No one wants to return home to the smell of stagnant water. If you turn off the water to the home and flush the toilets, you can remove standing water and avoid this problem. Adding a half-cup of baking soda to the toilet tank can also help.

Just Before You Leave

As you get ready to head out the door, be sure to water the plants, take out the garbage, and unplug any electronics that aren’t necessary. Ensure privacy by closing the shutters or blinds. This also helps maintain indoor temperature.

For Peace of Mind

While relaxing on the beach, the last thing you need is to worry about whether the bills are paid, or the doors are locked. Be sure to double-check all bills or turn on auto-pay. Smart locks and video doorbells allow you to check the security of your home quickly.

If you’re headed out of town and want to ensure your biggest investment is protected, call M & M Contractors. We will check these things, and more so you can enjoy your spring break vacation without thinking about what’s happening back home.