Our Process

Our Process

Knowledge. Experience.

By focusing on customer service and implementing our passion for thoughtful design and top quality materials, M & M Home Contractors, Inc. has refined the Design–Build Process.  This is what you can expect when working with us:

Architectural Design:

  • Preliminary Evaluation: We will work with you to gather essential information regarding your property. Establishing the legal parameters of your land and your budget is crucial to be sure we head down the correct path in the design process.
  • Design Time: Creative design is handled by professional associates that partner with us in the design-build process. Our architectural designer is also the same person who creates production ready prints. Our designer cares about beauty, functionality and your budget.
  • Documentation: We will get down to the details, providing you with a sworn construction statement that becomes the guidelines we will use when constructing your home. This step confirms we are clearly on the same page regarding budget.


  • Preconstruction Meeting: This will be the first step to starting your home project where you will meet the team we have assembled for you. Using this time to review your drawings and specs, we will explain the who, what and when of your project and provide you with a tentative schedule. No worries though, a project design professional will work with you on your selections and finalizing the design and scope of work to meet your desired dream home or living space.
  • Changes: Everyone makes changes. Maybe it’s something you changed your mind on, or something we think will work better for you. Whatever the situation is, we get your approval before we do anything. With ongoing communication with you through BuilderTrend and weekly meetings will ensure a smooth construction process with clear expectations for both parties.
  • Finishing Phase: As the project comes to a close, we will be sure all of the details are handled. We will inspect our work with a critical eye to ensure your home is truly move-in ready!

Customer Care:

  • Homeowner Manual: We will compile all of your paperwork and put it in one place for you. We’ll give you a maintenance schedule to make sure you know what to do to keep your home healthy. We will also provide you with a contact list, for those times when you might need our help.
  • Checkups: We provide walk-throughs on your new home or living space after one month of completion and at one year with the M&M Home Contractor team.
  • Warranty:  M & M Home Contractors provides high quality workmanship and materials; and we stand behind every project we construct. On any home we build, we provide:

ONE YEAR Home Warranty on workmanship and materials
TWO YEAR Home Warranty on mechanical systems
TEN YEAR Home Warranty on structural integrity